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Mouvement Physio offers high-end and modern physio treatments. We want to introduce physio to a larger part of the population. Mouvement Physio believes in modernizing the field of physiotherapy by demedicalizing the consultation experience. Mouvement Physio is truly reinventing the classic approach to physiotherapy by delivering a modern physio focused on a pain-free lifestyle, accessible through an experience and décor worthy of a five-star hotel. 

To modernize physiotherapy, Mouvement Physio believes that collaboration with the next generation of students is important. For this reason, Mouvement Physio is looking for pioneers who want to participate in the modernization movement: young professionals who are proud of their profession and who are involved in their community at different levels.

Make a difference

Being an ambassador at Mouvement Physio is a unique experience that will allow you to make a real difference in the world of physiotherapy and to promote your profession while you are still a student.


A scholarship

A scholarship will be granted to support you in your studies if you become an ambassador for Mouvement Physio.

Exclusive events

You will be invited to exclusive events organized by Mouvement Physio. Whether it's activities, events or conferences with special guests, you will have access to them.

Ongoing support with mentoring

You will gain access to Momentum, Mouvement Physio's exclusive mentoring program that will allow you to develop to your full potential as a physio. The entire Mouvement Physio team will also support you during your studies.

Fun guaranteed!

Being an ambassador at Mouvement Physio is to propel your future career as a physio while having fun. You will be part of the pioneers who will change the physio practice and bring it to where it should be in the 21st century.