A modern approach

100% with you

No machines, heat or ice for half of your session.

During your session, your physio is available to you 100%, to listen to you and give you the best treatment possible based on who you are and your condition.

1 on 1 privately

At Mouvement Physio, we believe that you deserve a 1 on 1 service in a closed room.

Open rooms with multiple treatment tables are a thing of the past. Your privacy deserves to remain private.

More than just a clinic

At Mouvement Physio, we put comfort first.

You won't feel like you're in a medical clinic or hospital. Instead, get the experience of a high-end hotel while consulting with highly trained professionals.

1 on 1 in a closed room

A confidential physio session

A unique experience.

To maximize you full potential

Whether you're in pain, have an injury or are experiencing physical discomfort, the last thing you want to have is an uncomfortable experience in a medical and unwelcoming environment. We get you, and that's why your salon at Mouvement Physio is a great place to take a break and recharge while you wait for your therapist. When you enter Mouvement Physio, it's a moment for you. A well-deserved break in your busy day to take care of your body.

Your story

The most important thing is your story. In our busy health care system, health care professionals often don't have time to listen to you. To ensure that we understand how you feel and what goals you want us to achieve together, all of your sessions are held in a closed room, in a modern setting, to ensure an atmosphere conducive to sharing your story in complete confidentiality. Your therapist will guide you in maximizing your full potential, whether it's playing golf or enjoying time with your children, pain-free.

High-end service

At Mouvement Physio, you get the full experience to help you maximize your potential. Relax in the comfort of our lounge and  enjoy wifi access while waiting for your therapist. During your sessions, get treated in the comfort of your own private 1-on-1 room. Your therapist will be sure to guide you through your sessions, as well as outside of your sessions, to ensure the best care. Our team will make sure you have everything you need to live pain-free and enjoy life to the fullest.

A relaxing atmosphere
A modern and private room
An ultimate goal

Questions and answers

No. For physical pain or injury, the doctor should recommend that you see a physio. May as well avoid the waste of time and energy that the health care system can inflict and see us directly. Physiotherapists make differential diagnoses and have the knowledge to refer you if your problem is medical.

If you have health insurance, it should cover physiotherapy. If you are unsure, we suggest that you check the details of your plan with your insurance company. Since the physiotherapist is a health care professional, the cost of treatment is tax deductible and non-taxable.

Physiotherapists are the only health care professionals who treat physical pain and injuries based on science. They are trained in medical or health science schools in universities. The biggest difference lies in the analysis of your problem, the diagnosis in physiotherapy and the treatment options proven effective by scientific research.